Post Conviction Legal Assistance

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          We are dedicated to bringing justice to those who have been wrongfully convicted, fair treatment to those who are in prison, and parole to those who have demonstrated a willingness to reenter society and pursue life as a productive citizen.

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           Sometimes the system gets it wrong. When it does, there is a process for correcting the injustice and resorting the process. If you feel you or your loved one has been wrongfully convicted, is being treated unfairly in prison, or is ready to return to society as a productive citizen, please contact us for expert representation in this area.

         See below for the list of our services and contact us for assistance.  We are here to help!


Our Services

We are now taking cases in the following areas:

Direct Appeals

Direct appeals are appeals of right after a conviction by trial.

Sentence Modification

For a limited time after sentencing or appeal, your loved one can request a modification of sentence.

Void Sentence Resolutions

Certain sentences do not comport with law.  We can get those sentences vacated and help you receive a better sentence according to law.

Habeas Corpus Petitions

When the appeal fails and your loved one has been denied his/her constitutional rights (ineffective assistance of counsel, a coerced plea, or an unfair trial) we can use the habeas corpus petition to give your loved one a chance to get justice.

Fee Arbitration Cases

 If your attorney overcharged you or refuses to return the unearned portion of the retainer we can help with low-cost fee arbitration. Normally we can take these cases on a contingency basis so you do not have to pay unless we recover money. Fee arbitration does not include "bad acts" by the attorney. If your return of retainer is due to "bad acts" we may still be able to help, but it will be in a Malpractice negotiation or suit. Please contact us if you think either of these services would help you.

Parole Packets

When your loved one has served enough time to be eligible for parole, you want to do everything you can to make sure he/she is released as early as is deserved.  We can help do that.  We help the Parole Board make a good decision by providing them necessary information that will put your loved one in the best possible light.  We will also make personal appeals to the staff at the Board and can arrange for a video interview to be taken of your loved one so the Board is not simply looking at the black and white file for a decision.  We will bring out the humanity in your loved one and give them every chance to make the earliest parole they deserve.

Prison Issues

Prisons are difficult places where you do not have many rights and you have fewer people to stand up for those rights.  But a well-placed phone call by an attorney can move things along for your loved one. 

We deal with mistreatment, safety issues, medical issues, discrimination, abuse, assistance in transfers, removing warrant holds, and other issues where a helping hand in the right place can make life better for your loved one.